How a Lack of Critical Thinking is Destroying America

Critical Thinking: Iceberg in Antarctica.

Critical thinking tells us that it’s nuts to promote global cooling in an ongoing Ice Age. Photo: Antarctica sailing trip (3253678755) by (CC BY 2.0) reduced.

Critical thinking is essential to making good decisions. Poor decisions can ruin a person’s life. Poor decisions are frequently based on poor facts or poor thinking about those facts.

Take climate, for instance. We currently live in an interglacial period of an ongoing Ice Age. This Ice Age is now about 2.6 million years old, ever since both poles gained permanent ice caps. The most recent glacial period many people call “the Ice Age,” but that’s only a part of this cold period in Earth’s history. That glacial period ended about 11,500–17,000 years ago, depending on your definition for the boundary between interglacials and glacials of the current Ice Age.

Yet, an alarming number of people are fearing warmth and promoting global cooling. Cooling in an Ice Age? That’s lousy critical thinking.

That kind of poor critical thinking could end up getting hundreds of millions, or even billions, killed.

Lack of Critical Thinking on 9/11

Critical Thinking: Bush and 9/11.

Critical thinking tells us that GW Bush may not have overseen the perpetration of 9/11, but he did far worse by using it for tyranny. Photos: National Park Service, PD, and Agência Brasil, CC BY 3.0, via Wikipedia.

The event of 9/11 was full of lousy critical thinking. People are being led around like sheep. They easily fall for the lies of the mainstream media. When someone there says that all conspiracy theories about 9/11 have been debunked, others believe them without question. I had one journalist from Georgia, USA, tell me something like this. When I pressed him for sources, he said he didn’t have time to investigate such things. I then asked where he got the notion that 9/11 theories had been debunked if he had never investigated. Naturally, he didn’t have an answer and refused to respond. He had been caught red-handed with poor critical thinking skills.

It’s also amazing how some people can be so intelligent on some subjects but have such strong biases on other subjects that they never see the flaws in their own reasoning.

Even after being presented with several pieces of evidence which contradict their viewpoint, a person will frequently cling to their biases for no other reason than it somehow “seems” right.

American legislators gave away the liberties of their fellow citizens after 9/11, hoping to gain a little security. One of America’s founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin once said that those who would give up their liberty for a little security will deserve neither. Smart man.

When I found out that the largest crime scene in American history had been scrubbed clean, starting on the evening of 9/11, I was outraged. When I found out that Mayor Rudy Giuliani was responsible, I understood just how deep the conspiracy really goes. When I discovered that the top 6 military officers who failed to protect the nation from deadly attack all received promotions instead of courts martial, it became clear that the entire top of the government had become corrupt. Deadly incompetence is never rewarded. What those officers did, then, must have been acts of cold, calculated precision—allowing the murder of their fellow citizens for some nefarious purpose.

Lack of Critical Thinking on Elections

Elections seem to be raising emotions to a fever pitch in recent years. People still think they mean something for the future of the country. But if you had discovered that the entire process is corrupt, with changed votes, ignored votes, lost votes, and following a prearranged script instead of listening to presidential convention voice votes, you would come to realize that elections in America are a sham.

When a process is so corrupt that it becomes meaningless, critical thinking tells us to stop doing it. Why? Because it’s a waste of time. If the bad guys count the votes and their man (or woman) wins all the time, then any amount of casting votes is going to do absolutely nothing. When that happens, it’s time to start a new country. Walk away from the old and start fresh.

Curing a Lack of Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking Academy course image.

Critical Thinking Academy course image. Click on the picture to learn more about the course and a 25% discount.

I’ve created a new course which I hope will help a few people cure the lack of critical thinking in this world. Everyone already has some skill. The danger comes from thinking that their skill is sufficient. Such arrogance leads to blind acceptance of logical travesties. They lead to things like the Patriot Act, undeclared wars, martial law, mandatory vaccines, cooling in an Ice Age, and other destructive actions.

The course is called, Critical Thinking Academy. It’s hosted at, and they sell the course for $20. Yes, I make a little money off of this. Every little bit helps to keep the electricity on. But if you use the link here, it will take you to my own publishing website and will give you a 25% discount. You save $5, and I make a little more because I’m bringing Udemy another student. So, it’s a win-win situation for all involved.

I’m already working on adding more modules to this course. It’s that important to me. If you have any topics you would like to see covered in a critical thinking course, please let me know. I appreciate all the feedback I can get.

War on Error — America’s New Battle — Satire

War on Error: Train wrech at Montparnasse.

War on Error: One of the monumental errors of all time, the train wreck at Montparnasse (1895).

Dateline: Washington, DC

Today, President Obama declared a War on Error. In a speech delivered at the White House Rose Garden, he told reporters, “This marks the beginning of a new era for America. We’ve seen too many mistakes made in the name of politics and progress. It’s time to clean up our act. This is not the change we were asking for. But if you want me to apologize for not getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan on day one, as I had promised, you’re not going to get it. Quite simply, I don’t make mistakes. There was no error.

“But when someone talks about conspiracies, this would be the biggest error anyone could make. Talk to anyone about this or the last government being evil, and we will find you. That would be the biggest error of your life.”

Professor Wartsenall of Mid-Southern University commented, “With America’s track record on wars against something, we are likely to experience a sharp increase in errors across the country. Already, motor vehicles has sent me a new drivers license two years before my current one expires, yet they misspelled my name. The strangest error, though, was when the Internal Revenue Service sent me a check for $38 billion. Naturally, it would be an error for me to cash it, but if you don’t hear from me after this interview, I’ll let you figure out what happened.”

Assemblyman Todd Itolduso from Los Anchorish told reporters, “This is merely another attempt by the government to cover up their already growing incompetence. After Donald Rumsfeld announced $2.3 Trillion missing in 2001, the day before 9/11, we can only guess what they’ve done now to require a new war on something.” He went on to say, “Every time we have a war against this or a war against that, we end up getting far more of the same. I suspect this is by design, instead of by continued incompetence. This way, someone continues to make money off of the growing, albeit artificial, need.”

Pastor Borninsin, Rotten Hollow Church of West Oblivion, Utah, gave a more religious perspective on the president’s announcement. “We live in an age when fighting and conflict are normal. But Christ said that we must not resist evil. The president’s call for war feeds our growing need for resisting evil or giving into it. But each is a different face of the same corruption. Resisting evil is every bit as bad as giving into it. The solution is simple, but counterintuitive: turn away from it. Don’t give it any strength or attention.”

War on Error: Comparisons

War on Error: Napoleon's retreat from Moscow.

War on Error: One of the largest political blunders of all time was Napoleon’s attack of Russia. Painting: Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow, by Adolph Northen (1828-1876).

News of this new war caused many in the media to reflect on other wars waged by the nation, most notably, the War on Terror. The nation’s efforts to combat terrorism entered its twenty-third year, making it the longest military war in American history. In the meantime, President Obama said that he will not run for a sixth term, yet he will set aside the remainder of his final term to the establishment of a bureaucracy dedicated to handling this new War on Error. He estimates that this new war will create some 30 million additional jobs, decreasing the nation’s unemployment rate significantly, depending on whether or not you count those who have already given up looking for work.

Wall Street analyst, Gyorgi Fudgikov gave reporters the financial perspective on this new war: “Perhaps the biggest weapon against error is statistics. Nearly all error can be eliminated with the right statistical model. Though, I doubt many on Wall Street will aid in the elimination of something that could prove quite lucrative.”

CIA Director George Bonecrunch, said his agency is ready with all the latest torture techniques to be used against those caught producing errors. He told reporters, “I suspect we will need a new agency to oversee the detection of errors. Otherwise, we will have no ability to correct them.”

Much as the War on Terror benefited the Military Industrial Complex, this new War on Error is certain to benefit banks, stock markets and bureaucracies throughout the West.

The president asked Congress to allocate 4.8 Trillion dollars to wage this new war. Some in Congress have wondered who will be the recipient of so much money, but like the missing 2.3 Trillion dollars Donald Rumsfeld mentioned on the day before 9/11, perhaps it won’t be spent, but merely absorbed into the corrupt fabric of government.

When asked from where we borrow the money, the president simply stated, “From the Fed, of course. They create the money out of nothing, and that we owe them a deep debt of gratitude, plus trillions in interest. It would be an error to think of getting rid of the Fed. We need a source of debt. And since we no longer have a debt ceiling, we can do everything we need to do to secure the economy and the nation.”

Comment on War on Error:

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little satire.

Can America have sunk so low that the patterns of its errors are so obvious, yet so many in the public are so oblivious to them? Right now, Fearless Leader is pushing efforts to cool down the planet while we reside in an ongoing Ice Age. This is an error of gargantuan proportions, yet the Corporate mouthpieces blithely repeat his inane pronouncements.

Who promotes cooling in an Ice Age? (And yes we are. Just look at those little white things on the poles.) Either they are extremely stupid, or extremely evil. I don’t know which is worse. Ideas?

Be a Perpetual Student to Celebrate America’s Birthday

Flag and Fireworks for Perpetual Students

Flag and fireworks celebrate America’s birthday.

Perpetual student? What does it mean? For many, school was a chore or even a nightmare they would just as soon forget. My sympathies, but if you’re not learning, you’re dying.  Don’t let a lousy teacher or a lousy experience keep you from enriching yourself with the most powerful gift ever—new skills and new insights.

The times, for many, remain tough and the seem to be getting tougher by the day. We can thank the government and their bosses in Wall Street for this. Ever since America’s government was suckered into establishing its third central bank by private bankers, the dollar’s value has been going downhill. That 100-year slide has left everything in a tightfisted mess.

But so what? We’re not going to let their selfishness stop us, right? In fact, the best response to their greed is gratitude, love and forgiveness. In fact, as Jesus said, turn the other cheek. Wish for them even greater prosperity. When you take this high-road attitude, don’t be surprised if you pass them by.

How is such a thing possible? Your creativity is an untapped reservoir of genius. One simple little idea could make you into a millionaire or even a billionaire. All it takes is gaining the skills and insight to look at the world differently. You won’t get that by complaining about the government, taxes or climate change.

The Power of Being a Perpetual Student

I have been a student my entire life and don’t plan on stopping until the very end (and perhaps not even then). There is so much to learn and so much you can do with all that knowledge.

If a scientist can look at a traffic light and figure out how to make the first laser—then become a multi-billionaire—imagine what you can do. The trick is being able to see patterns in life and nature and to imagine going beyond the current reality. Sure, it takes practice, but even a baby has to start somewhere when learning to walk. If you’re willing to consider yourself a baby at some new subject (humility that Christ admired so much), then you have great potential riches waiting for you. It won’t always bring you back money, but there are many kinds of rewards in life.

Online Courses Available for the Perpetual Student

One of my favorite websites is They have thousands of courses on a broad range of subjects. I even created one of my own—”Creating a Website Made Easy.”

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More Courses on Hundreds of Topics for the Perpetual Student

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Education is the best present you could ever give yourself. No matter where you live on the planet, be generous to yourself and learn new things online.

Color Yourself Happy — How Happiness is Easier than You Think

Happiness and sadness facial expressions

Sadness or happiness depends entirely on our own decision. We can react to situations, ignore them or merely create despite them. Photo:

Sounds easy, but we know better, right? Actually, there is a great deal of wisdom and power in those three words—”color yourself happy.” You see, each of us creates our own emotions.

Don’t wait for someone else or some thing or some situation to make you happy. Feelings may seem to accompany such external influences, but that is only because we are in the habit of creating certain feelings in response to certain stimuli. All too often, we are merely reacting.

Try this out. The next time you feel down or blue, put a smile on your face. Go ahead. It won’t hurt. Look at yourself in the mirror and be truthful. Is your smile believable? No? Then adjust your smile until it is believable. Self-awareness and honesty are the keys, here. But don’t be self-conscious. If someone else is nearby, let them wonder if you’ve gone crazy. It’s your life, not theirs.

If you have trouble getting the smile just right, then crank it up a notch. Laugh out loud. Make it a deep belly laugh—something with feeling. Keep observing how you’re feeling and adjust how you laugh until that magical moment when you can see yourself in the act of creating your feeling. You will find that happiness can be created that does not depend on a reason.

Happiness Is Always Your Own Creation

Isn’t this delusion? It is, only if you ignore reality. The situation you are in does not have to control your emotions. You can smile despite a storm brewing around you. That is the difference between being oblivious and being master of your own fate. Know that you are smiling in spite of circumstances. Feel yourself rise above your lot in life. Feel the comforting hand of God lift you up.

There are many negative emotions that people can hold onto. Grief, anger, apathy and resentment are just a few. The memories to which those emotions are attached sometimes become stuck. Grief when a loved one dies is natural, but perpetual grief that lingers for months or years is unhealthy. Resentment for even a moment is not good, and guilt is all too often not worth the paper on which it is written. If guilt can spur you on to do better, then let it. Otherwise, drop it like the proverbial hot potato.

True Happiness is Next to Forgiveness

A wise teacher once told his followers to turn the other cheek if someone slaps you. His suggestion had nothing to do with masochism or actively seeking being a victim. There is a certain dignity in his suggestion, but it goes far beyond that. Part of it has to do with the antidote for resentment—forgiveness.

When you forgive, you rise above the action-reaction of victim-perpetrator. Forgiveness is not only the way out of the perpetual tit-for-tat or blood feuds; it is an act of creation. With forgiveness, you are creating your feeling rather than merely reacting to a situation.

With forgiveness, you refuse to be a victim. You rise above such vulnerability.

I’ve heard people say, “Oh, I forgive them, but I can’t forget.” And they complain incessantly about the pain that other person has caused. That’s not forgiveness. Certainly, forgiveness does not mean losing one’s memory of an event, but it does mean no longer carrying the burden of resentment. Forgiveness is just as much for you as it is for the perpetrator.

When a problem enters my life, I merely smile at the challenge, snap my fingers and say, “Got it solved.” My attitude is that the solution is as good as mine. Quite often, a solution presents itself in short order.

So, don’t ignore reality, but don’t let it control you either. Remember: you create your own emotions. Choose wisely.

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Perfectionist driving you crazy? How to find positive perfectionism

Perfectionist tool: vernier caliper

A perfectionist tool: Vernier caliper used for measuring how close to perfect an object has been made. Photo: ardelfin #89817 via Used with permission.

There is an antidote to obsessive perfectionism. It may take time and creativity to administer. It involves finding perfection in every mistake, but also granting perfection to everything in one’s environment.

A broken cup is perfectly that. In all the universe there is no cup as perfectly that-cup-broken as that cup. Perhaps I misspelled a word, or made an error in my math. Each is perfectly what it is. The attitude one might have in viewing each thing in their environment in this manner would be one of humility.

The “maladaptive perfectionists” might have a touch too much selfishness going on, though you probably should not tell them that.

“My ideas are right. I don’t care what you say. My way or the highway.” That is the sort of thing they might say.

The humble perfectionist would be all right with any productivity. They would have no negative judgment of another person or their products. The fanatical perfectionist might glare and fume and berate. “This is a piece of junk. Do it over again, you clod.” Such is not very nice. I suppose people can be anywhere on a scale of relative perfectionism. And separately, but with influence, they can be anywhere on a scale of selfish-generous, or arrogant-humble.

In Buddhism, the perfections or “paramitas” seem not to be within this physical universe. Paramita generosity, for instance, is a perfect form of generosity with no hint of selfishness within it. It is like a one-sided coin, not tainted with its earthly opposite.

Heroes seem to be icons of relative perfection. Our admiration of all heroes might be an inherent longing for our own perfection, not in this physical realm, but in the non-physical, spiritual realm.

Perfect Confidence—Antidote to the Self-Obsessed Perfectionist

I was very fortunate to experience such perfection first hand. The incident transcended any kind of physical high I’ve ever had, before or since. The perfection was one of confidence, the kind that Peter had when he stepped out of the boat to walk a moment with his teacher on the water. I sincerely hope each of you have such an experience. It was quite humbling and inspiring.

In fact, that kind of perfection came with a complete lack of selfishness. A selfish attitude tends to come with vulnerability. During those few minutes in 1977, I had no ego to bruise—no vulnerability. The thick, snarling traffic on Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles could have done its worst, for all I cared. When more than 2,000 cars and their drivers parted in front of me (more than 2 miles of empty lane in front with choked lanes on either side), I had no mortal desire to get to my destination any faster. I merely created a picture of wide open spaces and smooth sailing all the way to my destination. And then I allowed that picture into the time stream.

Have a perfectionist break a cup, or scribble wildly on a piece of paper. Have them find within the broken shards or scribbles, interesting patterns. Let them know that such patterns would not have existed without their action. These are not the only methods one might employ. There is an infinite variety to try. Some other methods might be a better fit for the personality of your perfectionist.

I agree that perfection does not exist in this physical realm, but then again it does. The kind of perfection sought by the obsessive perfectionist exists only in the paramita (the Zen Buddhist’s “other shore”). The kind of perfection felt by the purely humble exists all around us.

When studying electronic engineering many years ago, I read of something called a “tank circuit” which is basically a capacitor and coil in parallel to tune in to a radio signal. When I realized, the next moment, that I was surrounded by tank circuits—trillions of them!—I felt that perfection. You see, each atom is basically a coil and a capacitor built into one tidy package. Perfect, huh?

What are your own experiences with the obsessive perfectionist? Questions? Comments? Bring them on. They’re all perfect.

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Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

The Heart of America’s Declaration of Independence

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness on an engraving of the Declaration of Independence

A 19th century engraving of the Declaration of Independence, including the words, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

“Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” are words that resonate in the hearts and minds of all Americans. They were a key part of the founding document—the Declaration of Independence which created this nation.

The original founding fathers of these united States of America had good reason to form a separate, sovereign body and to secede from Great Britain. The British had created a stranglehold on its American colonies. When the colonials prospered, the British took from that prosperity without giving their subjects any say in their own governance. When they created their own currency, the British took that away from them. Soldiers could take what they wanted. Individual privacy was invaded time after time. Citizens were arrested without a trial by their peers.

Eroding Our Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Red Coats at Bunker Hill attack Americans defending their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Red Coats attack at the Battle of Bunker Hill. Americans defend their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Painting: E. Percy Moran (PD) via

Today, we have a similar situation, but far worse. Instead of a 3% tax on tea, we now pay more than 40% of our income through sales taxes, property taxes, income taxes and other forms of taxation. One site estimated 43%, on average, goes to various taxes ( Now, the NSA spies on us whenever they want, which looks like all the time. Government agencies can break into your home when you’re not there and agents can serve their own warrants without bothering a judge. And it’s illegal for you to say that you were served such a warrant. Freedom of speech has been curtailed (Napolitano, 2013). You can be arrested for wearing a controversial t-shirt, if a government official doesn’t like it. HR347 has language that is so broad that any form of free speech can be made grounds for arrest at the discretion of those in charge. This should remind any student of history of the powers of the Red Coats and the reasons our Founding Fathers decided to end their relationship with England.

Some government officials have even called the founding fathers “terrorists” (Mule, 2013). Those who defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights are classified by some law enforcement agencies as potential threats.

When I hear or see public officials saying or writing such words, it makes it seem the world is upside down. It seems they have forgotten the words, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” It seems they don’t understand those words or value its meaning.

Perhaps it’s time to review what the Declaration of Independence was all about.

The picture, above, is from a 19th century engraving of the document. The original document remains today greatly faded and stained with age.

In the last many months, several petitions have been circulated by people voicing an interest in having their states secede from the current union. Though such division is sad, it is understandable (Linkins, 2012).

The erosion of American liberties has been slow, but inexorable for the last century or more. Yet, there was a turning point when the erosion became a landslide on 9/11.

Lies and More Lies Going Back to 9/11

Bush and 9/11. He didn't help us achieve life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

GW Bush may not have overseen the perpetration of 9/11, but he did far worse by using it for tyranny. National Park Service, PD, and Agência Brasil, CC BY 3.0, via Wikipedia.

That one event has continued to be used as an excuse for one law after another to undermine the Constitution and Bill of Rights. In a very real sense, those laws are unconstitutional. So, which law do you obey? The newer laws, because everyone is going along with them? Or the original laws, because they have not yet been officially superseded?

But let’s take a step back for a moment. If 9/11 is the reason for the bulk of changes since that date, shouldn’t we make certain that 9/11 is as they said it was? We have lost a great deal of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness because of that day.

After all, the government lied about weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) in Iraq (Rothkopf, 2015). In fact, lying seems to have become standard for government officials. According to one federal judge, lying by the media is also protected speech (Casten, 2003). But a citizen lying to their government can get them locked up for years.

So, what did they lie about? First of all, Muslims didn’t do 9/11 (Ryan, 2012). The alleged perpetrators seem much more like patsies than terrorists. Instead of devout Muslims, they took drugs, alcohol and loose women—things a devout Muslim wouldn’t touch (Griffin, 2008). A few of them had former addresses at a U.S. military base (Barry, 2001). When FBI agents became suspicious of their interest in learning to fly airplanes, their bosses told them to leave the Muslims alone. Years earlier, when these and other Muslims wanted visas to go to the United States, one consulate official refused to give them their visas. Why? Because they couldn’t even tell him what city they were going to, or what conference they were going to attend. But they were given visas over his objections. The local CIA operative insisted on it.

Also, the three buildings which collapsed in New York on 9/11 all had numerous, telltale signs of controlled demolition. Most telling was the perfect free fall collapse of WTC7. In natural collapses, solid steel offers a great deal of resistance. Whole blocks of a building merely bounce and topple to the side. All three of the buildings on that day were pulverized and the steel neatly sliced into sections short enough to fit on the trucks which started cleanup of the crime scene that evening.

Read that last line again. Cleaning up a crime scene before an official investigation is a major felony. Yet, no one went to jail over this crime. Mayor Giuliani went on to be hailed by the Corporate Party media as “America’s Mayor,” and a “hero.”

More and more states are pushing for laws to force citizens to take vaccines. Why would this be a problem? First of all, it is a violation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Second, a growing number of health officials (doctors and scientists) are questioning the efficacy and safety of vaccines. Vaccines contain numerous toxins and foreign matter in them, including mercury (heavy metal toxin), aluminum, formaldehyde, MSG and many others. People have died from vaccination. Many millions have been permanently damaged by them.

In the meantime, more and more government agencies have become divisions of the corporations over which they are supposed to administer. Lobbyists have moved into the offices of the congressmen they are bribing (Martin, 2015).

The abuses now make the abuses suffered by the 13 original colonies seem pale by comparison.

Solution? Violence won’t do it. Armed conflict won’t do anything except create more suffering. For years, America’s government has been practicing the use of foreign troops on American soil to control unruly crowds (Duclos, 2015). For many, this has been a nice thing to do, helping out those poor foreigners with some go old American training. But it remains a perfect set-up. Those foreign troops can be called back at any time. Why would the government want them? Those foreign troops likely don’t know about the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They don’t know about the Declaration of Independence and those words, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

What’s your take on the American founding documents?



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Note (September 10, 2015): I had ended this article with the question, “Are they merely just a bunch of paper, as GW Bush claimed?” I have removed this. Why? Because the source of the quote, “It’s [The Constitution is] just a goddamned piece of paper!”, retracted their article. Doug Thompson, at Capitol Hill Blue, wrote the article, posted December 9, 2005, but later deleted the article. I cannot find a reason for the deletion, but Thompson had retracted and deleted other articles. From the Web Archives we have:

The original article:

Another, unrelated article about retractions:

We should look, instead, at the man’s (Bush’s and even Obama’s) actions. In a very real sense, this man who became president has acted as though the Constitution is a worthless piece of paper. Obama has repeated this insult. Both men betrayed their oaths of office. Instead, they became the domestic enemies of the nation’s most sacred document. And they had help from both Congress and the Supreme Court. They have betrayed the self-evident truth of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Monsanto GMOs — Jurassic World of Stupidity

Monsanto GMOs - plant entrance

Monsanto GMOs – vestiging Enkhuizen. Photo: Karen Eliot (CC BY-SA 2.0)

If we knew everything there is to know about DNA, I probably wouldn’t mind GMOs—much. Even then, we have the possibility that a lunatic would try something just to see what would happen and ruin all the DNA on the planet.

Corporations are clever beasts, but not at all wise. Each corporate beast has a singular purpose and a narrow focus—to feed. And it feeds on two main things:

  1. Profits, and
  2. Control (market share, governments, public opinion, etc.)
T-Rex. Could Monsanto GMOs give us a Jurassic nightmare?

Tyrannosaurus Rex model at NHM. Could Monsanto GMOs give us a Jurassic World type fiasco? Photo: Marcin Floryan (CC BY-SA 2.5) via

The new movie, Jurassic World, is coming out. In it, like each of the others in the Jurassic franchise, created by Michael Crichton, genetic engineering is shown to be a risky business. The statement, “But I never dreamed they would do this…” is also so very appropriate to the GMO debate.

Market Sector Monopoly?

Corporations know that there are a few items that humans can never do without for long. One of those is food. If a corporation could corner the food market, then they could hold all of humanity hostage. They would have ultimate control. They could rule the world.

Would Monsanto take advantage of such a position? Why wouldn’t they?

But Genetically Modified Organisms have a much deeper problem. It’s called “the wild card no one knew about.”

I know a bit about programming. I know how to create software to solve any one of a myriad of tasks. I know about object oriented development with classes and instantiated objects. I also know that bugs are easier than you think. Suddenly, your program is behaving in ways you never expected, and it’s your job to track down the bug and eradicate it. That’s all well and good when the code is in your home office and doesn’t effect anyone else.

Cow with birth defect. Could Monsanto GMOs lead to more of this?

Cow with birth defect. DNA programming is complex and bugs in the code happen. Could Monsanto GMOs lead to more birth defects? Photo: Kolossos (CC BY-SA 3.0) via

DNA is different. Once DNA gets out of the lab and into the world-at-large, it affects every living organism it touches. The phrase, “you are what you eat,” has never been more appropriate. Some people now have the bacteria in their gut modified to produce pesticide, just like the food produced by Monsanto. How did this happen? Some of the food we eat is genetically modified to produce a pesticide. In fact, the food is also categorized by the government as a pesticide. So, you’re eating pesticide. Once the bacteria in your intestines nibbles on the stuff, they absorb the new DNA and make it their own. Once they become what they eat, they start producing pesticide, 24/7. A constant flow of pesticide in your gut is not going to make you healthier.

But there are many other unknown possibilities and “wild cards,” for which we have not yet tested. Monsanto made sure that their first GMO product made it through the FDA quickly. How? Some of their former employees went to work for the agency. So, when the scientists at the FDA said they needed more time, their bosses from Monsanto wouldn’t let them have that extra time.

Fear vs. Science?

Monsanto critics have been accused of being anti-science or putting fear ahead of reason. While this is possible amongst some of the critics, this is certainly not the case with all such critics. Quite simply, we do not know enough about DNA to guarantee that Monsanto did not commit the highest crime against humanity and life on Earth. Knowing Monsanto’s cavalier record concerning chemical dumping, conspiratorial behavior, and other disregard for human lives, we can only hope that Monsanto has not already sunk the ship of life on planet Earth.

Jurassic Stupidity Factor

Enter the “Jurassic Stupidity Factor.” The corporation in the original Jurassic Park movie thought that they’d solve one big problem by making all dinosaurs one gender. They didn’t anticipate that the frog DNA they used would scuttle their plans. Some dinosaurs switched gender and got around the prohibition. But this is all fiction, right?

Other unforeseen DNA problems made the genetic experiments in the Jurassic environment go further awry.

Bugs! Lots of programming bugs! When beginners start dinking around in code that is centuries ahead of their skill level, they’re bound to create bugs in the code that will result in unforeseen problems. Like Jurassic Park and the new Jurassic World.

The problems unleashed on the world by Monsanto may not eat you, like the dinosaurs. They may merely poison you and increase the risk of all manner of diseases. Okay, I take that back. Maybe the problems will eat you, after all, on the microscopic level.

Don’t you think labeling GMOs is a good idea? Don’t you think more testing would have been a good idea? Perhaps a century of testing before releasing those loose canons into nature? What are your thoughts?

What is Exploration to Me? A Dream of Planets Like Earth

Exploration to an Earth-like world, moon to a ringed gas giant in 82 Eridani system

Exploration to other worlds like Earth has been a longstanding dream of mine. Here is a fictional moon to a known planet in the 82 Eridani system. Artwork: by Joaquim Filho (PD)

Civilization may not be mature enough yet for interstellar flight. Still too much corruption and too many wars because of it. While clever, perpetrating events like 9/11 and then blaming it on Muslims was not the most ethical thing to do. But when your entire life is wrapped around selfish concerns, this might have been the only way to achieve such greedy aims as the conquest of Iraq and Afghanistan. The conquest doesn’t have to be a permanent occupation. It only needs to flow power back to the ones who started the ball of murder rolling in the first place.

Heaven help sentient beings on other worlds if technology lets loose the dogs of greed and war from Earth. I wouldn’t wish that on any civilization out amongst the stars. Interstellar exploration by the likes of these thugs isn’t appealing.

Imagining Exploration by a Kinder, Gentler Humanity

But let’s imagine, for a minute, humanity consisting of individuals who are no longer self-concerned. Some prosper more greatly than others, because they have great talent, but they share their prosperity with those around them. Because they lack self-concern, they do it quietly, frequently anonymously. Those receiving the gifts accept them graciously and with gratitude. And all is well with the world. This is the peaceful kind of anarchy—not the mechanistic colony of thoughtless drones, but a loving community that values the other person more than one’s self.

I could see such a humanity reaching out to the stars and exploring for the sake of education and contributing to other civilizations that might be out there. No industrial-scale ravaging, here. Exploration would be pure bliss.

This type of humanity would be worthy of such gifts of interstellar flight.

I have dreamed of traveling to the stars since before Sputnik first went into orbit.

Several of my websites were created with this spirit of adventure in mind. Recently, I created a new video to celebrate the things in my life which led to these websites and a special software which helped me to visualize such exploration—Stars in the NeighborHood, 3D astronomy space software.

Let me know what you think. Really. I’m always open to improvements. And I don’t mind a little appreciation, either.

Conspiracy Blindness — Normalcy Bias on Steroids

Symbol of conspiracy blindness: a man wearing tinfoil hat

The symbol of conspiracy blindness: a man wearing a tinfoil hat. Photo: Ordercrazy (cc0 1.0) via

Have you ever noticed how you react when someone mentions the word “conspiracy?” Americans, for the most part, seem to have a special kind of reaction—an instant revulsion or disdain. I even found myself reacting this way and noticed that my internal feeling or response was illogical. I have also noticed that people in the Philippines don’t react this way. One other researcher (StormCloudsGathering) has also noticed this in several European and Third World countries. Americans are special (peculiar) in their illogical rejection of the conspiracy idea.

What is a conspiracy? Quite simply, it is when two or more people talk about committing some unethical or illegal act. This happens every day. In fact, a strong case could be made that conspiracies happen several times a minute, on average. In academia alone, millions of American college students admitted to cheating on exams, quizzes or projects. Some of them conspired to do this with others. Even if only 1 million American college students cheated in collaboration with others, this amounts to 1 conspiracy a minute, on average. And that’s only for college students and only for those in America.

Every time two or more siblings or friends talk about disobeying their parents, they are conspiring. It’s a conspiracy. When you look at it this way, there is nothing very spooky or kooky about conspiracies. It’s merely an extension of selfishness or self-concern.

Conspiracy Blindness Reality Check

No conspiracy blindness here: Haldeman and Ehrlichman.

No conspiracy blindness here. Watergate scandal players, Haldeman and Ehrlichman discuss policy, 1973, aboard Airforce One. PD

Consider the following statements.

  • Murders never happen.
  • Robberies never occur.
  • Bankers never get greedy.
  • Government leaders never lust for more power.

If you agree with any of these, then you may as well stop reading, now. Of course these are not true. They happen all the time. And quite frequently two or more people are involved. Conspiracies. Lots of them.

So, why do Americans have an aversion to talking about them?

In our culture, we’ve become accustomed to the idea that crazy conspiracy theories are equivalent to all conspiracy theories. Some theories are based on bizarre imagination, while others are based on facts and evidence. But why the knee-jerk reaction?

A Reason Behind Conspiracy Blindness?

CIA HQ - Source of Conspiracy Blindness?

CIA headquarters, Langley, Virginia. Could this be the source of America’s conspiracy blindness? Photo: Carol M. Highsmith (PD)

How did Americans become so skittish over this word and the expanded version—”conspiracy theorist?” Was this part of the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird? Was it part of some other program to affect the general public by manipulating the American news media? Oooo-oo, conspiracy! Was Operation Mockingbird itself a conspiracy? Was the CIA authorized to operate within the United States in this capacity?

I had heard for years that the American news media is biased, but never believed it until I moved outside of the United States. Then it became obvious. Suddenly, I saw the fallacy of American war as “peacekeeping actions.” Hitler would likely love to have used this Orwellian euphemism.

The bias has become so bad, though, that mere facts and questions have been labeled “conspiracy theory.” For instance, question the official theory of 9/11 and you’re instantly labeled a “conspiracy theorist.” Yet, when this is pointed out, it becomes obvious that questions are not theories and questions, by themselves, don’t necessarily have anything to do with conspiracies.

Talk about facts of 9/11 that contradict the official conspiracy theory and you are called a “conspiracy theorist” by some of the more hardened believers in the mainstream viewpoint. But facts are never theories and facts do not necessarily have anything to do with conspiracies.

News reporters seem to be afflicted with this malady. Are they scripted to call facts “conspiracy theories?” Or were they brought up believing this?

Conspiracy Blindness: George Bush and 9/11

9/11 and George Bush. Conspiracy blindness: Who really was behind 9/11? New York Photo: National Park Service (PD), via Wikipedia. Bush Photo: Agência Brasil (CC BY 3.0), via Wikipedia.

Talk to anyone caught up in conspiracy blindness about interesting facts which contradict the popular view and quite frequently they may say with strained politeness, “That’s an interesting theory.” Yet again, facts are never theories.

But the official theory of 9/11 is treated as fact merely because it has been repeated in the mainstream corporate media so often. When was there ever proof offered for their theory? Within a few short hours after the towers were struck, one government insider was on television telling the world that Osama Bin Laden likely did it. Clever. A murder investigation within minutes? How did they do it so fast?

Yet, years after 9/11, the FBI publicly stated that Osama Bin Laden was not on their list of most wanted criminals for 9/11, because they had too little evidence connecting him to the event. Bin Laden was convicted in the media before evidence was found. Has evidence ever been found?

There was one video which the American government claims has Bin Laden saying he did it, but a German researcher had the same video clip translated and found no such admission. Who do we believe?

Normalcy Bias Behind Conspiracy Blindness

Normalcy bias is a state of mind where people underestimate the possibility of disaster or the effects of a disaster. It’s a positive attitude that does not face reality.

Don’t get me wrong. A positive attitude is a good thing and you can have one and still be fully aware of negative things going on around you. But being oblivious to negative things is crippling to one’s ability to respond adequately.

The opposite of this Pollyanna state of mind is the “worst-case thinking” bias. Both the positive and the negative are extremes of blindness, as is the case with all bias.

What’s the optimum attitude? Neutral. Merely observe what’s going on and don’t react to it. Don’t sugar coat it and don’t freak out. It is what it is. Create a positive outcome despite the negative potential.

Who Benefits from Conspiracy Blindness?

Conspiracy Blindness: Neo's file.

Mr. Smith’s file on Thomas Anderson (Neo) in the 1999 movie, Matrix. Fair Use. From Warner Brothers and Village Roadshow. (Click to see larger.)

Who benefits? The most obvious ones to benefit from such conspiracy blindness are the conspirators themselves. With the majority of the public caught in conspiracy blindness and normalcy bias, the conspirators can do their thing more openly without arousing undue suspicions.

The perfect coup is one which uses the self-concern of the masses to have them ignore all talk of crimes and conspiracies.

Conspiracy Blindness: Neo's Passport

Upside down, Neo’s passport showing expiration date 9/11/2001, two years in the future. Foreshadowing America’s expiration of freedom on the same date. Fair Use. From Warner Brothers and Village Roadshow. (Click to see larger.)

If the movie industry were involved, they would create movies about upcoming false flag operations in order to acclimate the public to such an event and to diffuse any talk about government complicity. Clever. Has this ever been done?

Certainly this is a possibility. There are many tempting examples, but analyzing such coincidences, even if they are cause-and-effect coincidences, would do little to help us. Perhaps such awareness could help keep us from being unduly swayed or influenced by the media. Beyond that, though, such analysis may be a waste of time.

Conspiracy blindness cured: Dirt Ordinary cover

An entire book on the subject, showing how there are at least 489 new conspiracies starting every second. Click on the cover art to learn more.

So, the next time you hear the word “conspiracy,” or term “conspiracy theorist,” think of the conspirator who may well be licking their chops and thinking, “Don’t look at us. We’re not here. There’s no bank robbery going on right now.”

It’s okay to let your imagination wander a little and to connect the dots in new ways. Sometimes, you might very well be right.

Perhaps the only thing you can do is to admire the conspirators for a pretty slick job. Shining a light on evil can sometimes work some mean magic.




Global Warming is Good and the Shocking Hoax We’ve Been Sold

Global Warming: Haew Suwat waterfalls, Thailand

Global warming is great for plant growth. Haew Suwat waterfalls, Thailand. Photo: USMC (PD).

I was an idiot. For years, I bought the lies being pumped out through the mainstream media regarding Anthropogenic (manmade) Global Warming (AGW).

Lies? Yes, and lots of them.

In this article, we are going to look at the simple facts about warming and cooling. We will also look at the political and social movements on this issue and what’s behind them. And finally, we will look at the costs, both financially and politically.

How Much Steam Rises Off of Ice Water?

Global Warming: Sands of Dubai

Global warming will help reduce the deserts, like this one in Dubai. Photo: Peter Dowley (CC BY 2.0) via

To show just how wrong this Global Warming hoax is, consider how much evaporation occurs with ice water. Very little. All that cold has insufficient energy to do much evaporation, thus very little steam rises off of ice water.

In fact, cold water sucks the water vapor out of air. You see this in the condensation around your glass when you have a cold drink on a hot, humid day. You see this in the fog that rolls in over a cold body of water and sometimes even over a snow pack. All that cold is sucking the water out of the air, making it drier, forcing the water vapor into water droplets which eventually fall out of the air.

Cold climate means very little evaporation. This means that during colder climates, there is far less rain. Where there is less rain, there is less plant growth and more desert. More desert means more dust. During the last Ice Age glacial period, Earth was gripped with heavy desertification. This means making more and more deserts. All of this is bad for life.

Warm climate has the opposite effect. Greater warmth means greater evaporation, more rain, more plant growth and fewer deserts and less dust. All of this is good for life.

Global Warming means more life.

Global Warming Has Little to Do With Pollution

Global Warming: Nothing to do with pollution like these sulfur fumes.

Global warming scare promoted as a pollution fix. But global warming has little to do with pollution, like these sulfur fumes pouring out of an Olin Mathieson chemical plant smokestacks (PD), via

Yes, pollution is bad, but carbon dioxide is not a pollutant!

Since this hoax was first perpetrated, we’ve heard lots of buzz words to promote this new mindset—”climate change,” “greenhouse gases,” “carbon footprint” and more. It’s all Madison Avenue gobbledygook. We’ve been sold a raincoat in dry weather.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a natural gas—a gas of life. Plants require it in order to grow. Carbon dioxide is what they breathe in. We breathe out CO2. It’s part of the cycle of life.

Pollution is sulfur dioxide, soot and other industrial chemicals that are not a natural part of the life cycle. Caring about our home planet is good, but the movements associated with this goodness have been co-opted by the bad guys. And since the bad guys have the loud speaker, other voices cannot be heard. When they are heard, they are quickly labeled “kook,” “denier,” and the like.

People have been hoodwinked by the media’s association of “Bad Pollution” with good “Carbon Dioxide.” Industry pumps out lots of pollution—true. Industry pumps out lots of carbon dioxide—true. But pollution and carbon dioxide are not the same thing. Industry also pumps out lots of desirable products—toasters, watches, dishware, furniture, clothing, shoes and more. Somehow, “Evil Industry” is the target. Would it surprise you to find out that evil industrialists are behind this Global Warming hoax? More on that in a minute.

The Global Warming Documentary that Won an Academy Award

Global Warming: Al Gore, king of the hoax.

King of the Global Warming hoax, Al Gore, at SapphireNow, 2010. Photo: Tom Raftery (CC BY-SA 2.0), via

Al Gore won an Oscar for his lie-fest, the documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. Perhaps the fact that it won an Academy Award tells us more about the political leanings of the voters (actors, actresses and other Hollywood artists). It certainly is light on science and truth.

The film portrays Global Warming as bad. Right off the bat, the film proves itself wrong. How? As we’ve already seen, Global Warming is good. Global cooling is bad.

In the film Al Gore shows a graph with climate temperatures skyrocketing in modern times and relatively tame climate before that. We now know about “Climate-Gate” and the fudged numbers by climate scientists to make things look worse. They cooked the books.

Some websites attempt to gloss over the fraud by declaring that such fraud does not change the “scientific consensus on global warming.” What they forget to mention is that science is never done by “consensus.” What they omit is the fact that the “consensus” is itself a lie. Most empirical climate scientists disagree with the United Nations, its IPCC and the “Climate-Gate,” computer modeling “scientists.” That’s hardly a consensus. And when the United Nations’ IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) hijacks scientists’ names to add them to the consensus—against their wishes—then the “consensus” is seen clearly as a marketing scam. One scientist had to take the IPCC to court to get his name removed.

The evidence is overwhelming that they perpetrated scientific fraud. But why?

Global Warming is a Multi-Trillion Dollar Industry

Global Warming conference in Bali

This is the heart of the Global Warming industry. Fighting Global Warming at the United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Bali, 2007:1203. Photo: Oxfam International (CC BY 2.0) via

For all of the rumors about Big Oil being behind the campaigns to deny Global Warming, all one needs to do is to look at the Rockefeller (Biggest Oil) Foundation’s website on climate change. Big oil is not behind the denial; they are behind the scam itself. What better way to swindle the world out of Trillions of dollars? Make the oil companies and other big corporations the bad guys. Gloss over the facts that the chief industrialists and globalists are the ones who started this scam.

Reducing the “carbon footprint” is now seen as the responsible thing to do. That’s as dumb as some actress cutting off her breasts because she might get breast cancer. Perhaps she could also cut off her pretty head, too, because she might get brain cancer. Dumb! Reducing carbon dioxide is a non-issue, because Global Warming is good.

Real climate scientists—those who follow the empirical data and draw their conclusions from that—tell us that Global Warming comes before increases in CO2, not after! In other words, Global Warming is not caused by “carbon footprints.” But past increases in CO2 came after increases in global temperatures.

In fact, during the first big surge in carbon dioxide production in the twentieth century (1940–1975), climate temperatures went down! Scientists back in the early 70s were talking about a global cooling scare.

With the first big surge in carbon dioxide, climate temperatures went down!

Governments are being pressured, more and more, to adopt measures to tax those who emit the greatest carbon dioxide. This is a multi-trillion dollar industry. No wonder so many greedy scientists are fudging the numbers and their climate models. Disaster makes money. If you predict calm, you don’t get squat. The writing on the wall is clear: if you want to make money, predict disaster.

Scares Make Great News—Global Warming is No Different

Global Warming: Like this car bomb terrorism in Iraq, terror sells.

The way Global Warming is being “sold,” it’s downright scary. Like this car bomb in Iraq, people react to terrorism. Boring doesn’t sell anything. Photo: US Army (PD) via

Let’s face it. People like controversy and scares. It stirs the blood. It creates excitement. We all know that a movie without any conflict is deadly boring. The same with news.

“Mild weather. The same as yesterday and the day before that.” Boring.

“Climate threatens to destroy civilization!” Exciting.

Whether it’s Global Warming or Global Cooling, someone can create a scare out of it to sell newspapers and get the public motivated into action. Scares will do that. That’s human nature.

What if some people got together to harness that human nature? Conspiracy theory?

There’s another buzz word for you—”conspiracy theory.” What does it provoke in people? Disgust? Revulsion? Disinterest? Embarrassment? Some people have said, “I’m not a conspiracy theorist,” but what are they really saying? They’re saying, I don’t want to be associated with kooks.

But are all conspiracy theorists, kooks? Certainly some are.

What about “conspiracy facts?” With this term we provoke confusion. “Conspiracy” is associated with lies and insanity. But facts are associated with truth and sanity. Is a “conspiracy fact” an oxymoron—a self-contradictory term?

From the mild paranoia that people exhibit around the term “conspiracy,” you would think that there was something kooky about conspiracies. But what’s kooky—the fact that conspiracies don’t exist and some are deluded enough to believe in them?

Well, hold onto your halo. Conspiracies exist! They’ve existed since the beginning of humanity. There are likely thousands of conspiracies every day! Yes, every day! They exist—from the two young brothers conspiring to break into the cookie jar to Wall Street bankers conspiring to bilk Billions from the markets with worthless paper.

Reality check:

  • Has a banker ever gotten greedy?
  • Has anyone ever stolen money or property?
  • Has anyone ever lied to the public for personal gain?
  • Has anyone ever committed murder for their own benefit?
  • Has anyone in a position of power ever committed crimes to gain more power?

You know you have to answer “yes” to each of these. Behind each of these, there might be a conspiracy. When two or more people get together and talk about doing something unethical or criminal, that’s a conspiracy.

To react to the label, “Conspiracy Theory,” with ignorance or blindness, is just what conspirators would want you to do. “Don’t look at us. We’re not robbing the bank. We’re not even here.”

The Global Warming Game to Fool You

Global Warming cure for Thermophobia

The Cure for Thermophobia is coming. Bookmark this page and check back. ETA: November 2015

Nearly 20 years ago, the climate leveled off. Global Warming ended for the time being. Yet, we still hear lots about reducing the “carbon footprint.” Getting rid of “greenhouse gases.” Being responsible. Doing what is “sustainable.”

If Global Warming is not still going on, then why the continued concern about “carbon footprints” and the like?

Guilt by association. Now, it’s no longer “Global Warming.” The real culprit is “Climate Change.” But since “Bad” has been equated with “Climate Change,” and “Climate Change” has been associated with “Global Warming,” and “Global Warming” has been associated with “carbon footprints,” then bad “Climate Change” is associated with “carbon footprints.” But when the climate cools for twenty years and carbon dioxide levels still rise, who has been lying? Northern temperatures have continued to rise a bit, but southern temperatures have dropped, making the climate change of recent years slightly down in temperature.

But that’s not the only fallacious aspect of “climate change.” Climate change is not bad, either. Climate change has been going on for billions of years. Climate never stops changing.

Taxing something as big as global climate sounds like it could make lots of money. And it is. But who pays for it? You and I pay for it. However, there is an even more dire cost to this Global Warming scam: political control. Those who would perpetrate such a fraud want power more than money. With power, you can do whatever you want.

Being responsible is good. Falling for the manipulation that would use this urge toward responsibility for personal gain is bad. In other words, don’t be played. Don’t react to scare tactics.

The following video indicates just how badly people have been played on this issue.

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Global Warming Bottom Line

Don’t be bullied. Don’t jump when someone says, “Boo!” Don’t react. Dig deep; investigate for yourself. Look at all sides of the issue. Look at the motivations behind the scenes. Don’t buy the slander of one group against another at face value. Don’t go by preconceived notions, like “industry is bad” or “the Rockefellers are good because they donate to public charities.”

Global Warming is a good thing, because it brings more rain and more life.

How long did you believe the Global Warming scam? How long have you known better?

More Global Warming or Climate Change Videos

You can find more videos on this issue at my YouTube Climate Change playlist.